Simple rules by Randy "Rantz" Kintz

I can’t count how many times i’ve been asked some of these questions, or for advice, or what-have-you, so i wanted to create a “blanket statement” – and some may come across harsh, and or direct – but for some of you – you NEED to hear it – and i guess I’m the lucky bastard that gets to tell you :D – but regardless – I want EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU to pay attention to the FINAL tip – because ultimately – nothing else really matters – except that one. So without further adieu:

First of all, most of you are far too young to be depressed by others ppl works – instead, turn it into inspiration to strive to be better. I’ve been on the planet 3x longer than most of you, so i’ve had a slightly head start on the whole drawing thing ;P

So here’s are my tips, and words of not so good inspiration ;P



  1. STOP DRAWING ON LINED PAPER!!!!! seriously – its the #1 mistake by all kids/young adults – printer paper is cheap – use it for all your drawing instead of the lined paper. And get an inexpensive portfolio to put your drawings in. They are out there, you just have to look.
  2. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE some more….and when you get tired of that – practice some more. Just like anything else, if you want to be good at something, it takes dedication, and hard work, and endless hours of drawing meaningless crap – then one day – you wake up – and all those long hours finally pay off. It does NOT happen over night. It takes YEARS – seriously. YEARS….
  3. 3) Find an artist that you like and study them – study how they draw. Study how they approach a drawing. We ALL have mentors, and ppl that inspire us – and we lean on those ppl when we ourselves get to a standstill, or are feeling UNinspired. because yes – we ALL go through those phases.
  4. BUY ONE ANATOMY BOOK, and ONE PERSPECTIVE BOOK. I dont care if you draw stick figures – add these books to your collections. Even Anime/Manga artists HAVE TO HAVE A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF ANATOMY! Buy them, read them, and dont argue with me.
  5. this is for all of you aspiring artist that want to work for marvel/dc/ – whatever – pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION: do not, i REPEAT, do NOT present a pinup of your own character to any editor for a PORTFOLIO REVIEW….ever…they dont care. You will NEVER be hired as a cover artist…ever. They want to see sequentials – they want you to be able to tell a story without words – that is what our world is about…save your OC for your buddies, gf/bf, and mom. Do not waste their time, because it’ll just piss them off, and put them in a mood for everyone else behind you…seriously. I’ve seen it happen.
  6. 6) most importantly….NEVER EVER GIVE UP….we all have bad days – we all draw crap that a 2yr could draw better…every single one of us. Anyone that tells you different is an effin liar – seriously. There are days that i cant draw a straight line even WITH a straight edge. When that happpens, take a break, go read a book, watch your favorite show, take a walk…but then come back and try again….dont….ever…give…up.

Like me, Love me, Hate me, whatever – those are my words of encouragement, and inspiration – hope that helps/kicks you in the ass.



2 Responses to “Simple rules by Randy "Rantz" Kintz”
  1. Andrei says:

    The dude knows how to draw but he doesn’t know how to capitalise. This entire article comes across as him screaming every second word…

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